Red Team turned Corporate.

Who am I?

Red Team turned Corporate.  IT professional with extensive IT Governance skills, including: Information Security Management, Business Continuity, Audit and Risk Management, Incident Response and Management of Corporate Infrastructure.

Balanced combination of technical, management and business experience.  Always looking for the pragmatic approach to achieve secure and compliant environments without being a barrier to the goals of the business.

Over 15 years’ experience securing environments.

Friendly and approachable.



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Andrew Agnês

Andrew Agnês

IT Governance & Security Professional


Information Security Management
Management of Corporate Infrastructure
Audit and Risk Management
Security Awareness Training
Business Continuity
Incident Response


ISMS & Governance

• Framework Implementation

• Policy Creation & Maintenance

• Security Awareness Training

IS Audit

• Risk Assessment

• Compliance

• Red Teaming

Business Intelligence

• Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

• Dark Market Interaction

• Due Diligence


• Fraud Prevention

• Anti-Money Laundering

• Social Engineering

Incident Response

• Incident Handling

• Containment

• Recovery


• Communication Skills

• Leadership & Talent Development

• Project Management

Host Unknown

In my spare time I get together with other people who don’t mind embarrassing themselves in order to create a message through amateur dramatics.